Universal Driver Side Sliding Window 880mm x 340mm WITH FLY SCREEN


Universal Driver Side Sliding window 880mm x 340mm with BUILT IN FLY SCREEN

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Universal Driver Sliding Window WITH FLY SCREEN


  • 1 x Universal Driver Side (right hand side) Sliding Opening Window WITH BUILT IN FLY SCREEN
  • Size: 880mm long 340mm high

Item Specifics:

  • Privacy Stained glass (not a tinting film)
  • Internal FLY SCREEN
  • Fine mesh FLY SCREEN To stop the smallest of Flies / Insects / Bugs
  • Fly screen opens independently to the the sliding window so can be opened fully if not needed, and shut to keep the bugs out
  • Tinted to 80% allowing 20% of light to pass through
  • Made in Europe
  • Toughened safety glass, E-marked and AS Rated to strict European standards
  • No external drain holes
  • Smooth clutter free design
  • Internal no leak drainage system
  • Black ceramic (silk print) round the internal circumference of the glass so you can’t see the cut metal work
  • Tried and tested design
  • CNC cut and finished glass for smooth edges and for an overall quality fit
  • Overall size:  880mm x 340mm

Optional Bonding Kit:

  • 1 x Primer Wipes (to clean the window and body panel before applying primer
  • 1 x jar of primer (to be applied to the window and body panel before applying adhesive)
  • 1 x “cotton buds” to apply the primer
  • 1 x Tubes of 60 minute driveway OEM approved structural ADHESIVE (applied through standard silicone gun)
  • 1 x Pre cut V nozzles for the adhesive
  • More fitting details here: https://tradeglassuk.co.uk/product/1-x-window-bonding-kit/

Optional U Trim

  • Used to cover the cut edge
  • 10mm tall
  • 7mm wide
  • Sold Per Window


To Fit:

Any vehicle with a flat fitting area

Universal Windows brought to you by Trade Glass UK




Fit Kit and Trim Options

Glass On Own, With Fitting Kit, With Fitting Kit And 1 x U Trim


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